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self support – know thy self!

I’ve resumed my self care rituals. Just by doing that I already feel better. Helping myself, doing what I can with what I have some control over, does wonders for the psyche!

A self care routine for me means starting my day with a walk. Not only am I moving my body I’m also taking time to notice my environment, the colours of the season, the mood of the sky, my own breathe.

When I return home I drink some water and then find my way to my yoga mat. Delicious, slow stretches help me notice and pay homage to this body that despite the various aches and pains does a pretty good job of taking me through the world. Appreciating all the many parts that are working well and being compassionate with the parts that need some TLC. The monkey brain continues to chatter but every once in awhile I remember to let it go and just notice my breathe.

From this place of relaxed openness I let loose in my journal. This is where I allow all those thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas and ‘to do’ lists to spill out on the page. No holding back. No need to think about spelling, punctuation or style…just steam of consciousness. It is often cathartic and insightful!


Being a Queen of Self Sabotage, I figure it would be useful to take note of the things that help support me following through on this self care commitment.

1) Have my walking/yoga clothes ready for me to jump into as soon as I wake up. I’ve already decided that this is the best thing for me so no need to debate, dither or be distracted by searching for the right top; just get dressed, drink some water and get out the door!

2) Refrain from ‘just a quick peek at my emails first’. That’s a big distraction that often is assured to bump me off my track. A way to help with that would be to turn off my computer completely at night. When it’s on and ready to go it’s a bigger temptation. I tell myself it will be just a quick check. But it’s never quick.

3) Get up early enough so that the phone doesn’t start ringing while I’m in my routine, pulling me into my work day. Early means I get to enjoy that special quality of morning light and air too. This of course suggests I get to bed a bit earlier…enough quality sleep is certainly a smart part of any self nurturing ritual.

There’s a bonus feeling when you walk your talk, when you do what you said you will do, when you work around your saboteur. By taking the time to take care of me I am now more able to meet and greet the rest of the world and it’s needs – guilt free and grounded.

How are you supporting yourself through whatever transition you’re in? What are you doing to by-pass your self saboteur?

I encourage you to post a comment – your way might just give someone else an idea for themselves.

Breathe Big,


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  1. You list some great things. I also turn my computer off sometimes, knowing it's too much of a pain to turn it back on, so it can sit still for awhile. I am working hard at getting to bed a bit earlier–my aim is for 11ish. Not doing so well tonight. It's midnight as I write this. So…good night!

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