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community art making

Well my trees are ‘dressed’ in Wakefield. My first public art installation. It’s very simple but I like it. And bottom line, given all the other things that have been going on, I’m pleased that I didn’t bail.

Process wise I followed true to form. Had lots of idea’s, narrowed it down to a basic concept and then went about ‘listening’ for potential materials that would fit/work with it. Sometime the materials themselves led the way…as in the robin’s nests…and the picture frames.

Emergence works for me but I don’t think it necessarily was helpful to the larger process. What to write for the bio piece that had to be in weeks ago? What to have on my process story board when the last bit of it is still in process?

Ironically the piece is about community, a reflection on what community means for me – when I feel a part of it and when I don’t. Lots of lessons here, and metaphors for my own way of being in this world. The main one continues to be about finding that balance between independence and community. Maybe this is the year that I find a way to live that comfortably.

For info on the Wakefield multi-arts festival happening this week check out