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shifting energy

Sometimes hope and renewed energy comes in strange forms.

Like large and small men in big boots and ball caps showing up to help me problem solve my well water issues. Like interesting work that includes travel and writing as well as coaching and facilitation – now that’s alignment!

Like having one of my songs adopted by the Spirited Women Collaborative*!  Like seeing my first officially published article professionally laid out in a magazine with the words Change Artist attached to it. How fitting are both of these as I embark on a year of focused creative explorations?! To view the article:  (I welcome your feedback)

Or …  like seeing an albino porcupine.

I spotted this spiky spirit creature at the side of the road, practically glowing in the dark. My joyful, incredulous response to this unexpected appearance (along with all the others I’ve mentioned here) has reminded me that wonder, hope and possibility are sitting quietly amidst the chaos, the unknown and the unlikely. Stay open to seeing.

May unexpected forms of hope and renewed energy find you when you most need it!

*  I hope you’ll join us at our open house next Saturday, September 25th in Ottawa – as part of Culture Days.

2 comments on “shifting energy

  1. Linda, life here hasn't been what I had anticipated (of course!). Your wish speaks to my heart (no one can phrase wishes the way you do, that way you start them, with "may", oh, wishes that start with may are bound to come true!). Thank you! I think you've got one big key (to open doors that must be opened): notice. Thank you for reminding me. The other big key, you taught me, too: trust. Listen. You like Mr. Cohen. Me, too. Maybe all this is that we are just craking in the right places so that light can come through. Eh? I can't write more at the moment. When I can, I will. But know I'm with you. Much love, Marta.

  2. Marta, I just discovered your post here! (I thought i would be notified if there were any comments.) Thank you for doing so. May your wishes and pink bubble visions be surrounding you with warmth, possibilities and love. Linda

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