creative support for times of change

believing and receiving

Time for a change again.

I’m off for a while to take part in an Expressive Arts Graduate Certification program. I’m excited to be following this thread that has been with me for 12 years but not fully acted upon. It’s time for a commitment.

colourfootI’m looking forward to immersing myself in a creative milieu for several weeks. I’m looking forward to be spending time with what I assume will be like minded and hearted folks who want to learn about the various ways we humans can express – and meet – ourselves fully. I’m looking forward to bringing more of that back here to Ottawa and Rupert, to you.

I believe this barn, this hamlet in the hills, is meant to be shared with others. I believe this is meant to be a place for people to come to simply be with themselves and nature and their own creative, knowing selves. This apartment on the ground floor provides that space. Me leaving for this course opens it up for others to come and enjoy. (Contact me if you’re interested in a mini retreat.)

I believe that the loft above is meant to be an expressive arts venue for myself and for others to host groups of people open to exploring this process together. I trust that the resources I need to do so will present themselves in due time. I commit to being open to receiving what I need to make this happen – idea’s, people, funding, skills, moral support etc.

figure8LALots of reference to the future here. I’m also appreciating the present moment, the vision renewed, the decision made, the action taken. There’s a softening where the tension has been living for far too long a time. I am grateful for this new dance step.

May you be grateful too, for whatever dance step or stillness you are needing in this very moment.