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95th bday
Last Tuesday my brother and I celebrated my Dad’s 95th birthday. Given the multiple hospital stays he endured this summer, this was an unexpected pleasure. Though I had been preparing to say good bye, instead my Dad managed to move from palliative to restorative care over the fall. He was even well enough to go out for lunch!

Dad has adapted with incredible grace to this new way of being. His curiosity and sharp wit have not diminished despite his reduced mobility and independence.

Right by his side is the other amazing person in my life, my Mom. She will be 90 in April. Despite the many years of dementia, the warm essence of her spirit remains alive in her eyes, gentle touch and playfulness. She too keeps on ticking…and stories of her special brand of wisdom are alive in me and in the many other lives she touched.

I am so lucky to have the parents I do. They play a huge role in shaping the parts of me I am most proud of.