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scrubby bubbles for the mind

Jeanne Ormiston offers us her take on mediation and its benefits.

candlesLGRecall those precious experiences when time stands still as you get “lost” in a beautiful landscape or a touching moment or when you hear exquisite music. For a few short moments, the mind is quiet and you experience pure awareness – this is bliss. And then your thoughts interrupt and demand your attention again – and the bliss bubble evaporates. You anticipate the next bliss fix and even chase after experiences that have worked in the past. What if bliss was not dependent on an external event or sensory experience – what if you could bathe in bliss whenever you wanted – every day! You can, and meditation is the vehicle. Meditation cultivates “independent” bliss – a feeling of expansiveness, connection, peacefulness and joy for no reason.

Yoga teachings say that, “when the mind is still, you experience Consciousness – the bliss of your own being”. The mind chatters day and night often with well-worn thoughts that have created grooves in your mind. That’s what the mind does – you can’t expect “thinking” to bring you to that state of quiet mind and bliss. Meditation bypasses the mind to allow an experience that over time transforms the mind. A less distracted mind means you can be more present for the here and now and eventually you can abide in bliss more and more. Meditation works like “scrubby bubbles” to clear out thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you – that are obstacles to living in bliss.

I’m offering an Introduction to Meditation course at Rendezvous Rupert Monday evenings Nov. 16, 23 and 30. For a fuller description, visit my website at and click on the Meditation page.

Jeanne Ormiston – Certified Svaroopa Yoga and Meditation Teacher