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Daily Choices to Your Dream

I’m supposed to be on my morning walk but I find myself creating a blog, my first one, instead. How did I get here?

A series of innocent choices. I chose to come get my camera so that I could capture the morning light on the trees that are just starting to show their colourful brilliance. That choice put me in my office (in the barn behind my house) which led me to choose to turn on the computer to start the download of emails – for when I come back from my walk I told myself. That was 2 hours ago. Instead I ended up reading my friend and colleagues reason for blogging. They resonated and so here I am jumping in, with no plan, creating a blog.

Life is full of interesting choices. I’m curious as to why, after year’s of Jan and others suggesting I start a blog that I am doing it today. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had an intriguing week with several client groups and I want a place to write and share about why that is. Perhaps it’s because I now have some office support so my energy is getting freed up for this instead of weighed down with the administrative minutia. Perhaps because I noticed my writing group is meeting next week and I want to have something to bring them. Perhaps it’s all of these reasons in combination … and more I’ve yet to discover. Either way it feels good to be setting into place another mechanism to support my dream of writing.

I’ll go walk now (to feed my healthy body dream) and ponder that some more. As well as what to post next. Maybe you’ll reflect on your ‘daily choices’ and see connections to your dreams.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world Linda!

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