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appreciative living

Have you noticed that there seems to be an increasing trend towards gratitude these days? How wonderful is that?!

I’m noticing blogs like 1000 Awesome Things and Leah’s Daily Thank You Notes.  Locally a group of folks created Awesome Ottawa where once a month they pool $100 each to award someone with a $1000 grant to do something they consider Awesome!

I think the world needs more of these kind of interventions…and given their increased following… so does the world. 

About a year ago a friend gave me a book called The Joy of Appreciative Living. In it Jackie Kelm describes a study she did with about 30 participants over 28 days. The exercises were simple and pretty painless:

  • every morning write down three things you appreciate; take a moment to feel your gratitude for each of them.
  • ask yourself ‘What is one thing I could do today, no matter how small, to increase my joy?’
  • once a week spend 15 minutes visioning your ideal joy-filled life

I’ve decided to take this on as part of my self care regime. I’ll start here for today:

  • I appreciate:  IBprofin, the telephone, and hot tea
  • One thing I could do to increase my joy today: spend some time in my hammock listening to the creek, drinking in the sun

Would you like to join me? It would be great to hear what brings you joy…or simply to learn if engaging in these exercises has affected your day to day experience of life.

From the sick couch,