creative support for times of change


How many of us have sat at this spot before…weighing, debating, crying, stomping, wishing…as we try to decide what is right for us, what path to take?

What do I have to say NO to in order to live my YES!?

As I deliberate my choices I am trying to be mindful of my patterns and tendencies. I realize I want to move to action quickly. I want to make a decision, any decision, now. Uncertainty and limbo is uncomfortable. I also tend to spend a great deal of time analyzing – pages of journal writing, copious quantities of tea are consumed as I share thoughts and feelings with friends and colleagues.

So my ‘NO’ is to jumping to action and obsessive talking and storytelling about my situation. I will take a cue from my yoga practice:  encourage myself to ‘pause between poses’, to be still, to simply notice without judgment (or analysis), and give space for integration.

This will allow me to say ‘YES’ to slowing down and being here in this moment, in this beautiful place surrounded by nature and creativity, feeling these sensations, listening quietly to what’s happening for me…  trusting that clarity and insight will emerge.