creative support for times of change

what’s perfect with right now?

Ahhh choices, options, opportunities. I usually greet these with open arms. But sometimes I get tied up in knots over mine, possibly because there are too many and I’m left feeling overwhelmed. Or the opposite, a sense of not having any choice, so feel blocked, stuck or forced into something. Neither are pleasant places be in.

And is it even true?

My frame of mind, my attitude, my perception of too many or too little choice is actually within my control. I can choose to be exasperated, tired, fed up …or I can soften, relax, go with the flow. I can choose to find the mini or major aspects of what’s good about any given moment or situation and watch that notion expand… or I can stay with a limited view point and watch the fear and confusion grow instead.

I’d rather choose the former quite frankly…and right now this is what I’m reminding myself to do by way of the question: “What’s perfect about this situation?” I’m enjoying the time I have to play with the written word, to spend time in my garden, to see friends, to simply slow down and rest, and to bring space and energy to idea’s I had been putting on the back burner for so long. I’m appreciating the financial choices I made before that are giving me some peace of mind right now. I’m thankful for all that I have, including people to seek support from while I navigate my current situation.

As I notice these positive outcomes of what was initially feeling quite negative, the good feelings in me grow. And as those good feelings grow they lead to an increased sense of energy, hope and creative idea’s. I’m now more open to inviting, noticing, and being discerning (choosy!) about the options, opportunities, and choices before me. I’m operating from abundance again instead of scarcity.

Choosing to see what’s perfect with right now, and trusting myself to handle whatever comes, I’m living more relaxed and aligned into the unknown.  I simply need to remember this – often and regularly.