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trusting myself

I finished an article for fall publication this Monday. As usual it took longer than I expected – but I did meet the deadline and I am happy with what I wrote.

Yesterday I heard that the publisher liked it – a lot! (Phew.) As much as I thought it was a good piece I wasn’t sure if it was the content or style that they wanted. I was prepared to write something else if that was the case. In the end it appears that the match is good.

So there’s a few things that I’d like to acknowledge to myself:

  • At the top: I trusted myself and followed my heart and mind in terms of what and how I wrote.
  • I was prepared to accept that the article might not be a fit for the magazine without believing that that meant it wasn’t good.
  • I didn’t beat myself up when the writing didn’t come as smoothly and as quickly as I’d imagined it would. I went with the flow, trusting that it would come. 
  • It helped to give myself an earlier deadline than the magazine requested. That gave me a strange mix of space and pressure.
  • The initial conversation with the publisher a few months earlier gave me some idea of what they did and didn’t want. It also forced me to get some initial idea’s down on paper to send to them. This in turn gave my ‘back burner’ time to be working subconsciously on the subject.
  • I had someone encouraging and supporting me through the process. Thanks Erin!
  • I’m pretty sure blogging has helped as well. It is a practice in writing from my heart and my experience, in letting go of perfection and in honouring my commitment to myself and the life I want to live. 

Feeling quite aligned at the moment and it feels good!

How are you honouring and trusting yourself these days?  I invite you to post a comment – there is likely someone out there who will be encouraged by your story.