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fighting fair

Well Revenue Quebec is certainly testing my commitment to trusting the process and going with the flow these days. I received another letter claiming I haven’t paid them adequately enough for several past taxation years. Huh?!?

The last letter I received a month or so ago, claiming I’d not paid my 2009 taxes in full, we were able to prove their error. Before that, back in April, an audit of 2006 turned up an expense that was deemed unacceptable, resulting in me paying the difference now. My attempt to defend the expense, already seen as appropriate by the professional bookkeeper and accountant I hire to help me interpret these things, only resulted in an extra interest charge of $170 for the delay. I don’t get it!

No business person knows it all. I feel I am doing my fair share of due diligence in hiring professional and respected folks to decipher the rules in area’s that are not my expertise. Mistakes happen – we are all human – but let’s fight fair. Allow time to review the different perspectives and interpretations, to clarify any rules that are ambiguous – without penalizing the small business person in that process.

I’m thinking it may be time to speak out, take this to my MPP or some form of ombudsman for the small business person. I’ve seen research that suggests that the small and medium businesses are an important part of our Canadian economy. I believe in accountability and oversight…but it should work both ways. Let’s not have policies that work at cross purposes: some designed to create a supportive and nurturing environment while others erode and destroy.

Not quite sure what the lesson is for me in this experience yet. Perhaps it’s about finding different ways to fight for my rights and beliefs even in the face of what feels like a formidable power. All suggestions on how to proceed most welcomed!