creative support for times of change

late again

OK this makes two Wednesday’s in a row that I’m ‘late’ with my blog. Is this the proverbial slippery slope? Am I losing my commitment? Don’t think so…just circumstances. Last week I was heading out on a canoe trip and today I was facilitating a group.

I suppose I could reason that knowing I was going to be busy with these things I could have created my entry earlier. True. OK – so maybe I am slipping. No need to beat myself up, just notice and focus.

So what am I noticing? That I’ve been suddenly busy again. This means I’ve allowed my relatively regular journal writing practice to fall away. Also haven’t managed to be consistent with my usual morning walk or yoga time. I realize these are the times that I tune into myself, into my world and my thoughts and feelings about it. It’s when idea’s come forward or are at least heard.

It’s time to renew my commitment to these rituals in order to keep my writing vision alive.

And focus. Yes the focal point has certainly shifted these days. The ‘plan’ (a vague idea in my head) has now moved into the implementation phase.  Tenant has been found. The move is imminent. No more thinking about what to purge…it’s now time to actually sort, chose and let go of things. Always easier in ones mind than in reality. But I will persist. I’m both making lists and enlisting support. Action is very close at hand. Maybe even as soon as tomorrow. 🙂