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lessons from my cat

I was telling a friend the other day about my cat Rafiki and his ability to heal.

One time he got hit by a car. The driver came to tell me so I knew. It took a few hours before I could find him…hiding under the porch next door. When I made eye contact and called him he came out. I could detect no external injuries. He walked slowly across the grass to our home and then leaped onto the porch. I could see that he realized too late that that hadn’t been a good idea.

Inside he basically laid down under a chair and stayed there for three days. I brought food and water to him and left him alone. On the third day he got up, ate, accepted a cuddle and headed outside again as if nothing was wrong. He’d healed.

Lessons I take from this story:

  • when you get hurt you might need to hide a way for a bit
  • when you’re ready, accept the invitation from trusted others for company and comfort
  • be cautious with what is usually normal activity for you  ie: don’t leap when you’re hurting
  • stay still, sleep lots, let time help you heal
  • when it’s over, it’s over – get back to your life… hopefully keeping any lessons learned well in mind

What do you think; might Rafiki’s strategy apply to you and me too? 

Breathe big,