creative support for times of change

beauty in the fog

The sun is slowly heating it’s way through the fog this morning. There is beauty in both the hazy veil and the sunlight streaming through it. 

As I decide to live my life really and truly as I dream…it starts to unfold in that direction almost effortlessly.  When I notice what I eat and how I move my body, I tend to make choices that nourish me. When I acknowledge that creativity for me at this point is really about exploring my artist self, support comes my way. As I state unequivocally that I want to attract clients that align with my beliefs and values, work that excites me, that I feel I can contribute to…it begins to come in.

Earlier this week I had a fascinating chat with an artist friend. Not only did I get an invitation to play in her studio ,we also engaged in a dialogue about our different perceptions about the making of art and being human. I heard myself articulate the links I see between art and organizational and personal change. This is the kind of exchange I want more of; more conversations that reveal my thoughts … and create new ones. 

I also began work with a new client this week and our initial chat left me feeling energized. I can feel my smile resonate through my whole body. It’s invigorating to drop down quickly into the juice of this work…listening and searching in the mist for what their needs are. There seems to a level of awareness around what it means to be human in the chaos of an organizational (or personal) change…and a common language for us to talk about it. At the same time there is a trust building that welcomes our different perspectives and experiences and this too will support the journey ahead.

I’m starting to appreciate the foggy aspects of my life – the unknown, the unseen – just as much as I do the rays of sunlight.