creative support for times of change

elephants on the table

Last week I spent two days with a management team where I witnessed strength, vulnerability and incredible courage. Proverbial elephants were put on the table and real conversations about how to work better together ensued.

It’s easy to believe that it’s the tasks, our productivity, that gets the job done. But tasks can’t get done effectively or sustainably if information is held back out of fear, if minds aren’t open to hearing different view points, if relationships aren’t created with an eye to mutual learning. If trust isn’t cultivated.

Trust and risk are flip sides of the same coin. In order to create, maintain or rebuild trust we have to take risks. To come together, to say what is our truth, to listen to the others’ truth. We have to have the courage to show up and participate without knowing for sure if its all going to work out.

This team stepped up to the opportunity and discovered what it feels like to have conversations from their hearts. They co-created the space to be courageous, to be supportive of each other and to learn together about a different way of being.

Hidden elephants absorb and preoccupy a lot of energy – energy and creativity that could be better spent in service of your individual and collective health and dreams. Not easy but definitely worth it.