creative support for times of change

back bends

Last Sunday I experienced – consciously – the power of my own thoughts and the role of support.

Our yoga instructor had us doing a back bend with the support of a partner. We were to hold onto their ankles as we pushed our pelvis up to the sky and the top of our heads back onto the mat.

I could feel my excuses rising up as I debated whether or not I would participate. All those years as a child (and adult for that matter) wishing I could master a cartwheel came to mind. “I just don’t have the body type for this. I’m not strong or flexible enough. I will look silly (read: fail).”

Then my eyes caught those of my neighbour. We both looked skeptical but sheepishly willing to give it a try. It helped that she wasn’t nonchalant about it, that this would be a stretch for her too. It would be alright if either of us didn’t manage it…really what was the big deal? With that I decided to change  my internal dialogue too. Instead of ‘I can’t’ my mantra became ‘I can do this. I can do this!’ And to my surprise and delight, I did!

The next day I was able to do it again – if only for a few seconds – by myself at home. I’d broken the ‘I can’t’ spell on this one! It made me wonder, where else in my life I might want to try breaking it? Home recording popped up instantly.

I’ve long held a vision of recording my songs, of playing with different beats and harmonies. My few attempts in the past were always aborted relatively quickly. Daunted at the sight and confusion of all those buttons and gadgets “I can’t learn this” messages would loop in my head and I’d give up.

Today, propelled by a new song I want to record, and a few other half written ones that I long to finish, my decision (commitment) now has me developing my strategies to forge forward.  I re-discovered a book on my shelf that explains fairly clearly the different devices and the ways they interconnect. I took stock of all the equipment I’ve assembled over the years. I spent time on the internet researching various products, reading their descriptions, noting my questions. I plan on heading to several music stores to hear what they have to say.  I’ve written to a few musically minded friends to ask for their advise and guidance.

This time I’m determined to learn, to get past my mental barriers. This time I’m approaching it with a smile and a determined “I can do this!” attitude instead of exasperation. I’m motivated, I’m finding different avenues of support, and I believe I can!

What thought or belief would help you move closer to your dreams? What support do you need to begin?