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dancing the journey

I just saw the creative spiral image on The Fertile Unknown site. Ah the stimulation of a visual. It prompted this musing:

“The experiential learning cycle…shows up everywhere with different names. I love spirals – a pictorial representation of our process:  full of curiosity, mystery and possibility.

The visual also conjures up movement for me, a reminder to dance along the journey…be that a slow waltz or a lively jig! What I get from this is I need to engage my body and my emotions as well as my mind.”

And in this moment what I am realizing is I need/want to dance more! Shake out winter and welcome spring …embrace a fresh perspective that a change in season can bring. Shake out old thoughts that aren’t helpful and welcome new ones that are aligned with who and where I want to be.

Let’s do an experiment:  go find a favourite piece of music, one that matches how you’re feeling. Get up and dance/move along with it. Notice how you feel after one or two dances. Then play some music that is more about what you want to feel…and see where it takes you. Let me know what happened for you…and I’ll do the same.



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  1. Lovely idea. Thanks, Linda.Jan

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