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How goes the dancing? Did you try the experiment I suggested? I did and loved what it moved inside me.

I chose to dance to Melissa Etheridge “Your Little Secret” album to help me shake out my feelings. I haven’t listened to her in a long time so it was a bit of a nostalgic journey too. I was reminded about how much I appreciate the passion and energy she puts into her music and lyrics. I knew I wanted upbeat but realized that it’s actually passion and energy that I want to feel again. Being able to express a fear, a desire so open heartedly.

Oh to have that kind of courage in both my music as well as my life!

Here it is about 10 days later. I’m just now realizing that last night I was noticing that I was feeling more engaged in what I am doing, the choices I am making, the risks I am taking. (Signed up to write a song and perform it next week!) These are signs that my passion and energy are indeed returning!

Of course there are many inputs to this moment. I’m sure that attracting new clients, getting over my third cold in two months, the warm spring sun, my first bike ride of the season – all of these things also contributed to how I’m feeling.

Still I think shifting my focus – out of my head and more towards my body – played a significant role. Feeling and expressing my longing physically and musically alongside someone who I believe is echoing that passion, released something inside. This intuitive matching of what I wanted to feel with the music of another reminded me that such feelings exists in the world, that it is even desirable, that I’m not alone. So along with feeling like I had some accompaniment there is a sense of being affirmed.

At the very least dancing to music you like is a fun interlude. Viva la danse!