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why is it so hard?

I truly mean to write weekly.

I often have snippets in my head as I’m driving or walking or day dreaming. I notice provocative quotes that take me down a particular path and I wonder what others would take from it. I drink in the lush greens that surround me here in Rupert…and I want to write about noticing, experiencing, living whatever form of beauty touches me.

Why do I seem to have trouble getting those thoughts out of my head and onto the page? No idea.

I could claim busy-ness…but really I think I just forget…or put it off…or get overwhelmed by my choices. Fortunately I’m not often visited by the excuse of  ‘what’s the point?’ That tells me something: Keep going. Just like in yoga when you fall out of a balance pose…you simply begin again.

Lose the judgement. Just begin again.

Whatever it is you want to be doing in your life…trust that you’re on your path, that it’s unfolding as it’s meant to, complete with zigs and zags and perhaps even some full stops. And then you begin again either in a new more aligned direction or in the one that stays continues to whisper to you.

Right? Write!

2 comments on “why is it so hard?

  1. I am the same way. I probably have a million ideas in a day and mean to write them down but never do. I am always in the middle of something or don't have a pen and paper to write with. There is no telling how many great ideas I have came up with and forgot in the span of five minutes.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Glad I'm not alone! That in itself helps…as does keeping the self judgement down to a dull roar.

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