creative support for times of change

tender moments and empathy

Sometimes two days is all that it takes.

When it’s with a dear friend, when it involves a canoe and camping, when the weather and every other detail is perfect, when there is space and time for conversations, for swims in the nude, for song…and then another song.

I just experienced such a blissful couple of days. It included deep listening and sharing too. In the slow flow of our time together we found ourselves opening, revealing, touching deep desires as well as the places that are tender. Places I thought I had moved on from.

All of this was held with empathy – both in the heart of my friend but also my own heart. I am reminded to stay gentle with myself. I feel what I feel. It is what it is. I can hold both the beauty and the pain at the same time…and even see the beauty in the pain. Strange…but true.

Bolstered and more aware of my heart I now head off to a weekend of music and community…and possibly more tender moments. Blue Skies…one of the wonders of the world in my view. It embodies all of the values I hold dear. And a person I loved and let go of.

So….one moment at a time I will live each emotion that comes along… the full spectrum. I will keep music at the centre. I will appreciate the music offered. I will play and sing and share my own songs.  I will simply drink in the community energy and joy that surrounds me…allow it to hold and nurture me. It’s going to be beautiful. 

May you also have a place, a person, a community experience to go to, that holds you gently in your tender moments.