creative support for times of change

midstream reflection of a renovation

Planned or not, renovations sure present an interesting metaphor with which to perceive and work through our own internal journey of change or transition.

what’s really going on below?

Clearing the Decks:
getting ready for the work to be done.


Letting Go:
cleaning out what is no longer useful …and keeping what is. 

Midstream Reflection: taking time to notice where I have landed.  

  • Appreciation (it’s still standing…and so am I).  
  • Anticipating the next step which will bring different materials and support.  
  • Acknowledging the guiding force and trust I put into my underlying intentions and vision
 Shivers of excitement emerge as my body-mind-spirit begins to make the move from fear and overwhelm to trust and possibility. Silver lining’s and gifts begin to surface out of the chaos and rubble.

Wherever you are along your transitional journey, Breathe Big and know you’re not alone.