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home sweet home

I know, I know it’s been way too long between posts.  Not sure why… I certainly haven’t forgotten.

All I can suggest is that the past two months have taken way more out of me than I’d acknowledged to myself.  Or because I’m trying too hard to write the ‘perfect’ post that aligns with what has been going on for me. Maybe too much has been going on.

The past few months have been a real life experience of rolling with the punches (change, the unexpected, disappointments) while simultaneously appreciating what was making it possible for me to move forward.  Last week in yoga class the teacher spoke about how falling was inevitable – whether from a balance posture or as an aspect of life. The important thing was how we fell and how we got back up again.

old floor and frame out – starting from zero again

Here are a few more images of the journey these past few months.

mike and andrew leveling the floor

Learning that ‘pouring’ the concrete actually involved several guys and wheel barrows and fast attention to detail. Concrete hardens fast.

voila – the new floor

Though the floor was supposed to be ‘driftwood brown’ the terracotta acid wash’ look was one of those unexpected but happy surprises. 



Friends, resourcefulness, thoughtful surprises, attitude, fresh air, sleep, good food, music, writing, healthy choices. These are what kept me on track…one moment at a time.

couldn’t have done it without these  friends                     

Thank you!

Merci mes ami(e)s!

Sacred Settling In?

For the last couple of weeks I feel like I got swallowed up into a kind of cocoon.  Once the construction was complete, the walls painted, the furniture moved in…the rest of the process of moving back in has almost been a sacred experience.  I wanted and needed time to be alone to putter, try out, make the subtle adjustments as I lived in the space. Now I crave witnesses, people to come and share in my joy. Like my friend in her seventh month of pregnancy, I too felt that this creation process asks for a mixture of community and solitude  The trick is to get the timing right.

I am thankful to be getting back up relatively gracefully as I once again feel settled and grounded. I’m already turning my attention to what comes next:  the focus being creating an abundance of inspirational connections as I meet folks and brainstorm ways to offer my services during these challenging social – economic times. Stay tuned:  I’m convinced that new opportunities are coming my way. Maybe they include you! 

Rafiki – as happy to be finally home as Linda!

 PS  Can you believe that I’m already dreaming of how the loft might be converted into an open and inspiring space for conversations and maybe a dorm? Yup…and this space below can then become the art studio-playroom I’ve always envisioned! Three cheers for dreams and the courage to make them reality, no matter what the odds!  

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  1. Jan

    Linda,So nice to look back over the past couple of months with you in words and pictures. Can't wait to hear/see what's next.Jan

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