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the money tree – part 2

So did you look at the Money Tree video from last week? Did you guess what would happen?

I was totally surprised. 

For me this experiment is an interesting take on our state of mindfulness…especially around what we are tell ourselves we want more of. 

Given all the information and stimulation out there, I don’t expect myself to notice everything. Impossible. I would however have thought that something different – and something I want more of (like art, like money hanging from a tree) – would grab my attention. And maybe it would, I don’t know.

But this video has made me wonder:  what have I walked past this week, totally unaware?

         A magnificent work opportunity?
                          Feeling a sense of belonging in my community?
                    Creative inspiration? 

Am I spending more time on the wishing and wanting (potentially augmenting my sense of lack) and not enough on the appreciating and celebrating what already is (potentially augmenting a feeling of trust and wellness)?

Are you?