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I’m at home sick this week. Not much brain power for real thinking so I’ve been listening to CBC radio, dipping into a book or two, and checking out a few TED talks. Feeding my brain instead of working it.

This TED talk in particular caught my attention: Don Tapscott talking about Openness in the world, in business. He believes Openness has different meanings and four corresponding principles. He lays them out with some interesting examples: collaboration, transparency, sharing, and empowerment.

And if you want to see something beautiful and mystifying check out the last few minutes where he shows a murmuration of birds, a metaphor for what his talk has been about. “There’s leadership, but not one leader”.

What would your life be like if you adopted these principles? What would your organizational culture be like if it were to embrace these principles? Might be fascinating to think about…discuss…perhaps even try out with your team.

Let me know what happens.