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parentpuppetsThis is a picture of my Dad and Mom and the puppets I made to celebrate their 50 years together.

My Dad has been in the hospital for the past 2.5 weeks. I have spent most of that time there with him, attempting to be the communication glue between the many well intended but unconnected parties.

It is not a hardship to be with this wonderful man. It is however a challenge to watch him suffer and hear him wish simply that it was over. “I’m 94 years old. I’m ready to go.”

It does not appear to be his time though.

It looks like he will be returning ‘home’ to be with his wife, my Mom, again in the next few days. My Mom has had dementia for the past 15 years. She doesn’t know me or my brother anymore but has continued to sense a deep connection with Dad.

I wonder if my Mom will still feel their connection despite the break in their togetherness. I suspect Dad will do what he has done all his life, adapt without complaint.

Next Tuesday will be their anniversary, 61 years together. I salute you both.

2 comments on “adaptation

  1. Andrea Swanson

    Those are beautiful puppets. I wish them both them both some grace and peace over the next bit. (some for you too)

    • Linda

      Thank you Andrea! Same to you.

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