creative support for times of change

september course offering in ottawa

On chilly August days thoughts inevitably turn to September, the month often associated with new beginnings, in fact for me it’s the real ‘New Year’.

Are you entering a new beginning in September? Joining a new team at work perhaps? Getting a new boss or colleague? Moving to a new home? Learning something new? Planning (again) to take better care of yourself, face a less-than-positive relationship, address the issue of ________ (fill in the blank) that has been shadowing you for months, perhaps years?

2014-02-07 14.30.02Whether the change is one of your choosing or something that you feel is being forced upon you, the creative process of reflection, learning and support that my course “Living Aligned with Change” offers may be of interest to you. We’ll be meeting in Ottawa at the lovely Spirit Art Studio on Wednesday evenings in the fall. I hope you’ll consider joining us. Details on the events page.