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the power of music

dancing mice

In a recent coaching session here in Rupert I invited my client to dance with me for a couple of infectious Cheza songs before we got started. The smile on her face and her body was a delight to see. The insights that flowed out of the subsequent session (for both of us) took that delight to wonder and gratitude!

I thought that the dancing warm up had contributed to that session because we had both taken a few minutes to get out of our heads, shake out our bodies, and simply enjoy great music and movement together.

That might be true but this short (10 minute) and informative TEDx talk with Daniel Goldschmidt actually explains a bit more about the chemistry going on when we engage with music. Add that understanding to actually moving our bodies … and I’d say we have a dynamite tool for those moments of stale, stuck or scattered-ness!

Let’s make 2015 a year of impromptu five-minute dance parties – at home, at work, on the street!