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guest post: the power of guided reflection

In this blog post, one of the participants at a recent Living Aligned alumni check-in session describes her experience reconnecting with her vision, aided by the power of guided reflection.

– Linda

Leslie at Living Aligned alumni check-inWhen Linda put out the call to past Living Aligned workshop participants to see who might be interested in an alumni gathering, I knew right away I wanted to be part of it.

I remembered how delicious it had been to carve out time to reflect, and to have Linda’s support and guidance to try fun, creative ways of bypassing my thinking/planning mind to tap into what my gut had to say. I was curious about whether the things that were important to me then were still important to me now, and if the vision I had had for my future had materialized while I wasn’t paying attention!

So one snowy Saturday in January, I gathered up a bunch of my old journals and vision collages from previous Living Aligned workshops, and made my way back to Rendezvous Rupert in the beautiful Gatineau Hills.

Leslie quote 1After a delicious meal and catch-up with Linda, we moved to the barn. We danced a little to loosen up the non-thinking mind, and then I spent most of the morning lying on the bed, re-reading journals with bemusement as I discovered (again!) that Wherever You Go, There YOU Are. It was no surprise to discover that things that are challenging for me now were also challenges for me 5 or 6 years ago.

But I also found wonderful wisdom and insight in those journals — wisdom and insight from myself, for myself, that I had forgotten. And ideas that I’m only now ready to put into action. At one point in my reading I came to a response to an exercise Linda had led the group through on a previous workshop. It described an ideal day in the future, and as I read it through, 7 years later, I felt a shock of recognition.

Many of the elements in that vision are part of my life today, but weren’t when I wrote about it. My life doesn’t look exactly as I had described, but the FEEL is the same. Before this Living Aligned check-in with Linda I had been feeling rather dissatisfied with certain aspects of my life, but re-connecting with myself in this way opened up a well of gratitude for the life I have now and optimism for the future.

I left Rupert with a new poem, a new visual representation of what I want most to manifest in my life this year, and renewed appreciation for Linda, Living Aligned, Rendezvous Rupert and the power of guided reflection.

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  1. Andrea Prazmowski

    Beautiful reflection and a powerful testimony to the wisdom of intentionally and creatively imagining (and imaging) the future we want for ourselves!

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