creative support for times of change

a conversation on change, with daytime ottawa hosts

Sometimes I’m asked what kind of coaching I specialize in. If I had to boil it down to one word, the word that comes to mind is “change.”

Whether I’m working with a senior executive leading a team through organizational transition, a woman striving to carve out more space for self-care in her life, or someone seeking a new sense of direction at the end of a career or relationship, the common theme is providing creative support for times of change.

I delved into this topic with the hosts of Daytime Ottawa last month. Here’s the video of our conversation on change, learning, how we know with our entire bodies, and the role a coach can play in accompanying us through times of transition:

Are you in the midst of a change or about to embark on one? How are you relating to this change in your life?
I warmly welcome your feedback and comments!

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  1. John

    Nice interview Linda. Good message. I have also found expressive arts useful for navigating change.

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