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signs of spring

sublimation beginsThough a startling amount of white still surrounds me… there is also evidence of the earth peeking through.

Sublimation has begun,
a definite sign that spring has sprung!

I fell in love with the word sublimation when I first learned of it in the context of the spring snow receding: transformation from solid to vapour, skipping the melting stage.

spring2015Sometimes I think art play is a form of sublimation…but perhaps in reverse. I take a mood or energy I’m feeling and give it shape and form by way of an art piece: a song, a painting, a dance movement. Sometimes I’m not conscious of the various stages I went through to create that piece but often a new level of understanding, acceptance and compassion for what is results. Kind of cool, really. (no pun intended)

Then again sometimes art is simply an opportunity to connect with ourselves and fellow creators, no deeper meaning than the fun of being absorbed creating something that didn’t exist before.

Last Sunday I hosted an ‘art play date’. Nine creative20150329_144350 people joined me for an afternoon of messing about. Between moments of friendly chatter there were 20150329_165456also quiet periods of comfortable silence as each person dropped into their own experience of creating. Paint, pastel, collage, word play, and packing tape art, along with a walk in the woods, were just some of the mediums experienced. Many said they were leaving feeling relaxed and refreshed and looked forward to coming again. The smiles were wide at any rate. 20150329_165612Helped by the warming sun I’m sure.

(If you would like join in, our next art play date is May 3rd. Space is limited.)


Other opportunities to play and connect include an Introduction to Living Aligned which is taking place in Ottawa this Tuesday, April 7th in the evening. This is a chance to get a taste of how I approach learning and discovery for living aligned and well in this life.

I will also be offering another Visioning workshop in Rupert on Sunday, April 19th (our third session this year). I’m delighted and fascinated that several people who signed up have taken this workshop with me between 5 and even 11 years ago! As we know, life evolves and circumstances change. Occasional calibration — or even a complete reboot or change of direction — is in order. If you sense it’s time for you to experience a guided process of reflection for your life, I encourage you to register soon as there are only a few spots left.

tulipsAnd one more sign of spring: colourful flowers!

I bought these tulips for myself the other day. A gentle way to brighten my day, my kitchen and my vision for the garden this year!

Happy spring everyone. Breathe deliciously deep of the awakening earth… and your own curious heart!