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revving up to slow down

It’s been a particularly busy month or two. Work wise: I enjoyed being invited back for another interview with Derick Fage at Rogers TV, wrote an article about art and well-being for Healthwise Ottawa Magazine, sent in a few proposals, attended a 2-day Music Care Certification course, and sent out a newsletter with information about our contest and upcoming Reflect and Reconnect Fridays.

cake from La Toque

Add to that several volunteer activities: the Wakefield-La Pêche Writers Festival (amazing youth writers contributed), hosting an open mic as part of our Wakefield Library book sale fundraiser, enjoying several delicious birthday cakes…and packing up and moving house! (Oh the joy of boxes and bins; life will be a daily treasure hunt for the foreseeable future!)

Lori my website fairy (and more) has been an incredible help with all this, especially with editing the article, setting up the latest newsletter, and working on finessing this website. What do you think of the new look so far?

Phew! After all that, I’m looking forward to slowing down, starting on Friday when I hope to reconnect with some of you. There’s still some room, so join us if you can.

Deck summer 2014





2 comments on “revving up to slow down

  1. Summer is certainly the time for slowing down Linda and now summer is official, so enjoy!!

  2. Katherine

    Revving up to slow down – love this! You do so much and bring so much light to people’s lives. : )

    Cake looks delicious! Oh all the green surrounding that porch – Rupert is such a lovely relaxing, reinvigorating place.

    Wish I could join you on Friday but working. I’ll be there in spirit.


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