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weekend retreat contest winner

Deck summer 2014We have a winner for the weekend getaway contest! Congrats to Jackie, who will enjoy what I hope is a soul-nourishing stay at Rendezvous Rupert, my micro retreat centre in the rural beauty of the Gatineau Hills.

I’d long wanted to create a space where people could go to unwind in the quiet of a natural setting and tap into their inner wisdom and creativity. The studio space I created out of a lovingly renovated old barn on my property has become just that. Feedback from guests keeps re-affirming that Rendezvous Rupert is a great place to reflect, realign and rejuvenate.

I look forward to welcoming Jackie here.

Thanks to everyone else who entered the contest by subscribing to my blog or mailing list!

Flower potsHammock RR interior, bed down_600-wide_compressed