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working with the body: a powerful tool

Paying attention to our bodies and the wisdom they hold is one of the most powerful approaches I’ve found in my work with coaching clients, workplace managers and teams — not to mention my own life!

I subscribe to the adage: the body doesn’t lie. It has information to share… if we’re willing to pay attention. I want to be more conscious of the information and messages I get from my mind and my heart and integrate that with what my body is also telling me. When I stop and really listen that way, my choices become much clearer. The trick is to make time for that pause to do so!stick figure

Sometimes I begin a coaching session by inviting a client to dance to some infectious beat as a warm-up. I’ve noticed that after dancing, even for just a few minutes, clients are more inclined to be in touch with their bodies as a source of information, connecting their head with their heart and their whole body. Music and movement, such a magical combination.

Developing the ability to hear what the self is saying from the direct, felt sense in the body will be the focus of the “Connecting with the Wisdom of your Body” workshop I’ll host in November up here in Rupert. Participants will learn a powerful mind-body awareness method called Inner Relationship Focusing. This is a training I took a couple of years ago and have found immensely helpful, especially when I am feeling cut off from my body.

We’ll also pay some attention to listening to our bodies’ messages, and integrating that information into our life decisions, in my “Visioning” and “Navigating the Waves” workshops coming up in October. In a relaxed atmosphere of exploration and fun, we’ll play with uncovering what is truly important to us and revealing to ourselves our paths of energizing possibilities.

I hope you’ll join me in honouring the wisdom and needs of our bodies in the coming months and beyond, at my upcoming events or on your own.

Breathe big, and if doing so calls to you, dance! Your body will thank you… and you it.