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sinking into joy

2015-10-27 05.15.23 After two months of having to lay low given this walking pneumonia, my body finally had a chance to do what it loves to do this past weekend: climb a steep hill in the woods off the beaten path; dance up a storm with a bunch of friends to live music (fittingly a local band named ‘Group Therapy’); host a jam and sing my heart out.

Oh the pure joy that moving my body and singing with friends brings me!

There was also the joy that comes from slowing down to listen inside too, in the company of my Focusing companion. Gail and I have never met but each week we spend an hour on the phone with each other, listening, witnessing, and simply giving curious attention to whatever comes up. This time it was a felt sense awareness of what feeds my joy…and what gets in the way.

Focusing with a companion helps me honour my intention to pay attention. Rather than problem solving or attempting to fix anything, it’s a process of gently acknowledging whatever comes up. Just noticing tends to offer a bit of ease and sometimes leads to new information and insight. And that, quite simply, is a gift.

If connecting with yourself with this kind of support is of interest to you please consider joining us for the Focusing practice workshop in November at Rendezvous Rupert with trainer Shulamit Berlevtov. (Note: the early bird price ends this Friday, October 30th at 4:00 pm.) I would be delighted to help you find local accommodation if you want to stay up in this beautiful area I call home. There are many online resources you can access to learn more about Focusing, two of which are: Focusing Resources and the Focusing Institute.

In the meantime, what gifts have you noticed in your life these past few weeks? Is there any practice you follow that helps you connect with your body’s guidance — maybe something as simple as a morning walk? I love receiving your comments, so please do share!

Breathe Big!



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  1. Lovely description of focusing Linda, that rare connecting with self that we all need to learn. Glad you are recovering from pneumonia, may it be gone for good. Stay well, Jan

    • Linda

      Thanks Jan. I am guessing you partook in your own brand of joy and connecting with Kim Rosen this past weekend. We are blessed with multiple ways to do that! 🙂

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