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is self-care selfish?

2015-10-26 15.17.38Permission to rest.

I don’t know who wrote this but that we need to be reminded of this sure says a lot about our culture here in North America, Canada, Ottawa and La Pêche. This ought to be a natural inclination.

I remember a time when I would be horrified if anyone caught me napping in the middle of the day. I would wake groggily to the ringing telephone or door knocking and ‘test’ my vocal chords before answering. Heaven forbid anyone find out that I was resting!

It’s easy to succumb to the social pressure of a culture that sees such an act as unproductive, lazy and a host of other unsavory descriptors. With time and experience I’ve learned that it’s actually smart. Taking care of myself — be it via a nap or a walk or time for a hobby — brings me more of me. I make better decisions. I feel more capable of being patient and creative in my responses to whatever comes my way. I even have more to give when I renew myself, when I “fill my pot,” as my Mom used to say.

Maybe it’s time to see that not making time for self-care is actually the more selfish act.

Sometimes we need support to take that time though, to release whatever guilt or other resistance gets in the way. Maybe one of the events I have going on this month will be fit for you. If you are a caregiver in the La Pêche area, you are welcome to join us at Rendezvous Rupert for a FREE self-care workshop sponsored by the Seniors Round Table. Alternatively, other offerings like the open studio Art Date or the Writers Circle might be more your style. Check them all out here.

Your health and enjoyment of life is as important as all you do for others. Seriously.


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  1. Marta Singh

    Even OCD two goodie shoes me has learnt from you to stop writing the grant application and go have a pedicure. Nails being polished as I type!

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