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creeping back to creativity

Out of the mist...It’s been a bit misty and foggy here on the personal creative front. Lots of facilitating other people’s creativity though. You would think that that would be all the inspiration and support I’d need. Apparently not.

However, after many a long walk, conversations with friends, writing it out, and coaching help…it feels like something is shifting and even lifting. I can see new forms of support and action steps magically appearing: an invitation to a writing themed potluck dinner. Several musical jams with both familiar and new groups. An invitation to join with another local singer-songwriter to potentially create a musical show together.

The juices are moving again. My step is lighter.

Still…I would have to say the ultimate support to this musical dream was buying myself a beautiful new guitar! Something that I have been researching and trying to do for at least three or more years.

So…why now, suddenly, do I allow myself to purchase it?

Practical? Having a guitar with a built in pickup takes away one of the hurdles to getting up on stage. An impulse? A new open mic opportunity was coming up soon. Security? Feeling a little more financially stable lately did indeed help.

All elements yes, but I think it was also something deeper than any of those logical reasons. I think this was actually a message about self respect. Some part of me saying: “Recognize that music is medicine for you. Acknowledge that you are worthy of this expense that nourishes your soul. Accept that it is up to YOU to feed and nurture this creative spark. No one else. You.”

The mist that has been obscuring my creative practice for a long time is dissipating. I am giving my creativity more time, attention and space to breathe. Interestingly, as I attend to this creative practice there appears to be more ease in the other parts of my life too. I like the side affects to this medicine.

Everything is connected…so it makes sense to respect and focus energy on what is core to being you! Right?

Tell me…what helps you cope with the mist in your life? How are you feeding and nurturing joy in your life? How do you show respect towards yourself? I encourage you to leave a comment below. Your story might just help someone see their own story in a new light.


10 comments on “creeping back to creativity

  1. Leslie

    Beautifully expressed. I love the connection with self respect, self healing. Isn’t it amazing the opportunities that are appearing as the fog lifts?

    • Linda

      Thanks Leslie. It is both amazing and delightful. 🙂

  2. Self respect, so necessary, so challenging for most of us yet I know it can be learned. Music as medicine – we all have our medicine, mine being writing and poetry, we must find it and keep it close. Thank you for sharing your learnings Linda which become teachings for others.

    • Linda

      Still wondering what lies within and between self love and self respect and self acceptance. Perhaps a song will be birthed…if not more medicine to be shared. I read your poetry and writing with delight Janice. Thank you!

  3. Andrea

    That’s a very powerful insight Linda. A reminder and encouragement to deeply honour what most nourishes oneself. Thanks.

    • Linda

      Hope you are nourishing yourself with lots of nature walks and quiet times Andrea.

  4. Thank you for that! Things have been puuuureeeety misty here too. Lifting, though, slowly lifting. So:

    For me, these days, it’s about singing (believe you me). Ahem, and, making songs (believe you me). One song a day keeps one grey mist away! (They are Henry kind of songs, if you know what I mean – and I know that you know exactly what I mean – well, except for two, that I had to make for this LifeSong workshop I am taking, those two were not Henrysongs, they were, I don’t know, WHO IS IN THERE SINGHING songs!).

    And walking along the river.

    And making cakes!!!

    • Linda

      Singing for you too! Yay. I look forward to experiencing both your dear Henry kind of songs as well as what Barclay is helping to pull of you! Perhaps we will “singh” our songs to each other while walking along the river … one of these days.

  5. This is such an awesome post, Linda! I’m glad to hear the mist is lifting. Gaining clarity in what you want to do and how you want to do it, makes decision making so much easier. Congratulations on your new guitar too!

    • Linda

      Thanks Shelley! Looking forward to playing it for you one of these days. 🙂

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