creative support for times of change

self-care practice: a 4 week series

“I make the path by walking it.”

This has become somewhat of a mantra over the past few months. It applies to me and my own self-care as well as to me learning all that goes into creating online live programs. Sometimes the path is sketchy. Sometimes I have to double back. For sure I am meeting some great people along the way. For sure I’m stumbling into late nights… but I’m also honing some of my dance moves and having a good time.

The pilot “Cultivating a Self-care Habit’ was a joy to offer. I so appreciate all sixteen adventurers who took the walk with me. This next series will be a continuation for some and an introduction for others. All are welcome. I am preparing a few short videos with an overview of my approach that you can watch before we start next week.

You have three different times to choose from. Details are here. If you would like to be more in touch with your body and your emotions, and if you are curious about how the expressive arts figures in this…I hope you will choose to join us November 21 or 22!