creative support for times of change

self-care needs community

It’s been a particularly grueling week, largely due to what is happening in Ottawa right now. If there’s ever a time where I feel the need to compassionately connect with myself and my emotions, it’s now. And when I did, it did bring some ease.

However I too suffer from the “I want to, I know it will help, but … distract, resist, look away.”

What did get me there was my regularly scheduled time with my Focusing partner. I needed the witness. His presence helped me stay with it and ultimately to connect with the various parts that needed attention and acknowledgement. The tears flowed, some of my tension released. The next day (yesterday), though the circumstances are still dire, I felt a bit more able to focus on the decisions and the tasks in my immediate world.

This experience once again strengthened my belief that self-care needs community. Calming thoughts
And community sure needs some self-care.

What our country is facing right now is a sign of just how fried, frustrated and frightened many folks are. It also highlights how much of those feelings are exacerbated by not feeling heard. If access to a mental health professional is not in the cards – the wait list long, the fees too high or you grew up believing you weren’t supposed to ask for help – those feelings continue to fester and grow.

I value your skills and love engaging creatively; appreciate your support and accompaniment. Thank you. ~ Sharon

My own experience has strengthened my belief that this practice could be helpful for others. Finding ways to offer accessible support has always been a core principle for me. As is making a difference. As is being able to pay my bills. With that in mind, and in the spirit of ‘progress not perfection’, I have made some steps with how I want to structure things. Head over to the Online Programs page to get the details.

Are you aware of someone that may be in need of some connection, some support, some compassion? Perhaps it’s someone who may feel isolated and not able to signal that they need some support? Think neighbourly check in. I would be grateful if you would help spread the word about this resource.

Your wisdom, and that of the ‘community’, as well as your weekly e-mail follow-up, session recording and links to other resources have been used more than once since our sessions. Speaking with an open heart is a gift, even when it is only to myself. ~ Mary M

I am definitely looking forward to holding space for this arts based self-care practice Sunday and Tuesday each week. You are welcome to try it out too if you like. Details on the Online Program page.

Please send some compassion to all of the hearts and minds gathered in Ottawa. Send some to yourself too, for whatever circumstances and emotions you are handling right now.

May peace prevail.