About Me

As a coach, consultant, trainer and facilitator, I help individuals and teams tap into their own wisdom in order to become more engaged, effective and aligned with their vision, values, priorities and strengths.

I first became fascinated by group dynamics and what makes people tick as a camper on wilderness canoe trips. This fascination led me to become a life skills coach as well as an outdoor experiential facilitator with Outward Bound’s Centre for Change.

After traveling in Europe and Africa, I came home to study anthropology and sociology, and began providing cross cultural training to others preparing to live and work abroad. I taught personal development courses at Algonquin College for 10 years while gradually transforming an old house and barn into my home, office and country retreat in Rupert, Quebec.

In 1998 I went back to school to deepen my knowledge and sharpen my skills, graduating with an MA in human systems intervention (also known as organizational development and change management). A few years later I added certification in executive coaching. Since then I have worked with hundreds of teams and individuals, helping them tap into the wisdom they have inside to become more effective and satisfied in their work and personal lives.

I am impressed with how expressive arts processes (which I studied through a post-graduate certificate program in 2013) and other body-mind techniques have a way of getting to the heart of things in a relaxed and compassionate way. More often than not, new perspectives are revealed and different choices for our next steps are unlocked.

Creatively finding ways to support people, both individuals and teams, is one of the ways I feel most aligned with myself. Playing music and enjoying nature are other activities that fill me with joy and a sense that I am where I am supposed to be in this world.

I welcome the opportunity to help midwife that same sense for you or your team. I offer:

Coaching for individuals and groups
Facilitation and consulting services for organizations
Workshops and customized training
Retreats and rentals at Rendezvous Rupert

About Living Aligned

“Living Aligned” is both a framework I’ve developed and the hoped-for outcome of our work together. It’s based on a blend of philosophies and research studies that explore change, brain plasticity, the mind-body connection and the use of creativity to unlock new possibilities.

It is a guide to discovering ways to live more aligned with who you are and what you want out of life. It has proven especially helpful for times of change, times when you might be feeling stuck, scattered or spun.

Working through the Living Aligned framework can help you:

• become clear about what matters most to you — your values, priorities and passions
• envision how you want to lead your life
• identify and create the kind of support you need
• explore ways to navigate challenges and celebrate achievements as you move forward

I’m here to accompany you through the process!

“Linda is amazing! She is warm, energetic and supportive. I attended a Living Aligned workshop and left with many ‘a-hah’s and a new outlook.”
~ Rachael van Rijn

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Learn more

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Exploring stress and ease

I lead the hosts of a local TV show through a short exercise using “OH Cards,” touching on how they experience both stress and ease in their lives.

Mindful coaching
The seven attitudes of mindfulness practice in relationship to coaching

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“I have known Linda for over 10 years. What she does is amazing! Spend 5 minutes with her, and your life will change.”

~ Federal government director and long-term client