“What’s the difference between what you’ve been doing with us and that high powered consultant/author I worked with before? You believe that we have the answers to our issues, and he thinks he does.”
~ Shaun Tupper, federal government client

“Your wisdom, and that of the ‘community’, as well as your weekly e-mail follow-up, session recording and links to other resources have been used more than once since our sessions. Speaking with an open heart is a gift, even when it is only to myself.”

~ Mary M

“Linda helps provide focus on results and improving relationships. She understands human nature in a way few people can. She has been a tremendous support in a number of different projects I’ve worked on with her.”
~ Éric Hébert-Daly, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

“Linda brings great energy and focus to all her work. She listens to the issues on a variety of levels: personal, professional, motivational, and spiritual. Linda will ask you to dig deeper when you need to, and reflect back to you the choices on the decisions you need to make. This is extremely useful for dealing with complex issues where the solutions are not obvious nor the way forward clear.”
~ Peter MacGibbon, Quebec Learners Network

“Linda is an exceptional process consultant and personal coach. As a process consultant for two different teams with the federal government, she brought a warm and innovative approach to bringing people together to resolve problems and envision a better future. As a personal coach she has helped me envision a future that would be mine… through interesting and fun methods. Most of all… Linda is an exceptional listener. She really listens… and is present to help the client come up with their own solutions… not someone else’s.”
~ Kate Harrison, federal government client

“I appreciated how low-maintenance the experience was. Given that it was Sunday mornings, I wasn’t always ready to show up and be super awake and wired to engage. I feel like Linda is deeply sincere in her desire to support others in exploring and understanding themselves better. I felt respected, honoured, reassured/validated by Linda’s facilitation and the content she chose to share with us.”
~ Debbie M

“Our meetings are working so much better these days… we seem to be so much more comfortable challenging each other in a positive way. The work we did with you has truly made a difference. I’m looking forward to your check-in visit so we can show you!”
~ Staff member at a community health centre

“If it were not for Linda’s visioning workshops, I would still be wishing I knew how to live the life I am living now. To me, working with Linda Vanderlee was the line between BEFORE and AFTER. And this much is as true: It is impossible to cross paths with her, even for a moment, and remain impervious to conscious learning.”
~ Marta Singh, story-teller

“Linda takes coaching to another level. The organic nature of her approach… allows the inner self to unwind and express its truth. My process has encouraged a deeper awareness of the connection between my professional practice and all other aspects of my being. Each coaching session is like taking a ride through the psyche and stepping on the path of clarity. Sincerity, good-natured humour and ‘in-your-face’ reality checks make the process safe but real. As a witness, Linda has a passion for mindfully teasing out the strength and power each persons holds to manifest their own amazing adventure!”
~ Coaching client and small business owner

“Working with Linda was an absolute pleasure. Doing sessions at her wonderful Rupert location was eye opening, helping me not only see personal and professional goals more clearly, but also how they link together. Linda approaches her work in a highly creative way, using different approaches and tools to find a process that works for each person. Highly recommended.”
~ Christopher Rompre, coaching client

“Linda has the ability to determine the perfect question at a given moment and has the courage to ask it. She is professional and personable all at once. She provides you a warm and supportive environment to ensure you can be comfortable with the self-exploration you need to move forward in your career and life. Thank you Linda!”
~ Michelle Reimer, federal government manager

“Integrity, creativity and excellence are three of the words that come to mind to describe the work that Linda undertakes hand-in-hand with her clients. Linda doesn’t just walk the talk she will also help you and your organization “shift the paradigm” and find the “free space” so you can walk the talk too.”
~ Michael Stephens, CoCO

“Linda worked with us in advance to understand our needs and desired outcomes. Then she creatively facilitated our staff retreat with good humour, flexibility and responsiveness. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other organizations for team building events.”
~ Community health centre client

“I have known Linda for over 10 years. What she does is amazing! Spend 5 minutes with her, and your life will change.”
~ Federal government director and long-term client

“We want to thank you sincerely for a creative, supportive, and action-oriented strategic planning retreat. You left us with a map for moving forward and ideas for growth to ensure our future sustainability.”
~ Project Tembo Board of Directors

“Working with Linda was a wonderful experience. Her knowledge base, creativity and openness helped me define direction in my life. I still use the tools she helped me work with today!”
~ Coaching client

“Linda is a fantastic facilitator, able to engage a diverse group in meaningful conversation, goal setting and creative visioning in an inclusive and enjoyable way.”
~ Fiona Marshall, LASI

“I have really appreciated your ability to be with me and witness me wherever I have been at without trying to change or convince me otherwise. To me this shows great compassion and strength.”
~ Coaching client and small business owner

“Understanding the depth of change we were aiming for despite our limited budget, Linda proposed creative ways of using her time to help us achieve our goals. Instead of facilitating all our team building meetings for us, she coached us to plan and facilitate some of them ourselves… this gave us access to Linda’s advice and coaching over a longer period of time as we tried out new behaviours… The results we achieved were very satisfying to the team and have made a lasting positive change.”
~ Federal government executive

“Linda is a highly skilled listener who asks relevant questions at precisely the right moment. She was able to draw out of me the analysis and solutions to challenges I faced at very stressful moments… The coaching technique that Linda uses is conducive to building immediate solutions for pressing problems. I always felt understood. When I wasn’t clear, she helped me to gain clarity.”
~ Communications manager with non-profit organization

“I liked the way you were able to create a space of trust and safety; allowing for the sharing of some very personal/emotional and sometimes difficult information about ourselves. The feedback you gave was genuine and showed that you were very present and interested in our experiences/stories.”
~ Participant in team conflict resolution session

“These sessions gave me a positive outlook on the situation and helped me adapt to the changes within the organization, and the difficulties of adjusting to the dynamics of the group.”
~ Federal government client

“My conversations with [Linda] helped me think through the problem from a number of perspectives… They also bolstered my self-confidence when I had to take difficult actions… It was an exceptional experience and I am a much better manager now for having gone through it. I feel much more confident in dealing with performance issues and interpersonal clashes in the workplace.”
~Federal government department manager

“Linda has supported me in my efforts to operationalize my goals by gently challenging some of my assumptions, by encouraging me to take on the considerable task of negotiating change within my organization, and by helping me find concrete ways to articulate and share my ideas and values with colleagues and students. The result has been that I now have a more tangible plan for working towards these goals. But perhaps more importantly, I am more energized and optimistic about activating our program’s potential and motivated to take on a leadership role to make this happen.”
~ Manager at Carleton University

“I liked the way you were able to tailor the course to meet our specific needs and that you had resources available if any of us had more specific questions/concerns that weren’t addressed over the weekend.”
~ Training program participant

I have had the privilege of both working for Linda and attending her Living Aligned course. Linda is so knowledgeable, open, caring, and creative. She gives you the space and guidance to help you sort out difficulties and discover creativity you didn’t know you had. Whether working with a group or one-on-one, Linda offers a lot to those doing some searching within themselves.”
~ Erin Kuhns

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“I have known Linda for over 10 years. What she does is amazing! Spend 5 minutes with her, and your life will change.”

~ Federal government director and long-term client