Online Programs

Art is Powerful because it touches us in places words cannot reach.Thank you for your patience as I workout how to set up this next round of offerings, the accompanying registration links and work with this website theme. Please contact Linda directly if you have any questions.

I help compassionate caregivers connect with themselves so that they make time for their own needs and creative interests too.

“Living Aligned” is both my framework and the outcome I wish for you and me. Sometimes we need to recalibrate our identity, our story, our intention for this next chapter. Our vision and even our values may need to be tweaked and strengthened to meet whatever has shown up. The appropriate support can make all the difference in these moments.

You might find my offerings helpful and appealing if you are:

♥ wanting to feel more calm and confident in the face of uncertainty

♥ wanting to feel less stuck or like you are spinning

♥ wishing that you could make yourself a priority more often

♥ looking to cultivate a strong and consistent self-care practice
♥ like exploring the body – mind connection

There are three primary ways I offer creative support:

♥ the arts based self care practice
♥ Living Aligned workshops and courses
♥ 1:1 coaching packages

the arts based self-care practice

This practice was developed for big hearted caregivers who want to practice directing some of that caring energy on themselves and check-in with their own feelings and needs.

Using a blend of elements that include aspects of Mindfulness, Focusing, the Expressive Arts and aspects of the Living Aligned framework, this combination of processes gently helps you connect with yourself, your emotional landscape and all parts of your humanness. I have both experienced and witnessed the power of self-awareness, self-connection and self-compassion … and how that power is amplified when we learn and practice them in a community setting. (Yes, even virtually.)

Weekly Practice Session

Though recommended to take the 6 week Foundation Basics course, you are also welcome to join the ongoing weekly session at any point. All I ask is that you watch the Introduction video first.

Practice sessions are on Sunday from 10 to 11:30 AM
Ottawa, Canada – EST For your Time zone click here.

Pay From the Heart:

      • You choose an amount that helps you be accountable to yourself and aligns with your financial situation.
      • Calculate how many sessions you wish to commit to, multiply that with your per session amount.
        Suggested donation: $30 / session. Example: “I plan to come 4 times over the next six weeks and I am able to pay $30/session = $120.00 CDN.”
      • Send me a message here with your plan along with an e-transfer. (We can also make other arrangements.)

Become a Founding Member:

      • Access to any self-care practice session (minimum 1/week but I plan for 2 x a week)
      • Community Art Dates and Living Aligned workshops on different topics every 4 for 6 weeks
      • Early registration and discounts on other courses and events
      • Member platform with resources and community connection (Being developed)
      • Help shape the ongoing development of Living Aligned and self-care practice programs
      • $97 CDN / month (Lifetime Price if you remain a recurring member)
      • Click here to sign up as a Founding Member!


Living Aligned Workshops and Courses

All Living Aligned programs are an opportunity for you to:

  • slow down and connect with yourself
  • listen and learn from what your body has to tell you
  • play with different expressive arts methods
  • find more wellness and ease within yourself
  • begin to develop a sustainable self-care practice for yourself
  • feel supported and part of a community

Come as you are: frazzled, calm, tired, energetic, into art making or not.
You are most welcome to simply be, as you are, in this moment.


Summer Programs 2022:

Monthly Community Art Dates
Sunday, June 26 from 3 – 5 PM (ET)
By donation
(Free for Members)

Typically these are the last Sunday afternoon of the month

Living Aligned with Creativity – 2 hour workshop
Wednesday, July 20 from 10 AM -12 PM (ET)
$47 (Free for Members)

Let me know what other topics interest you: retirement, change, uncertainty?

Living Aligned with Creativity (Artist’s Way meets Living Aligned) Course
Friday, May 6 to June 10 6 – 8 PM
6 week deeper dive program
Next course in September

Foundation Basics for
Living Aligned 2.0
Next course: TBD
Integrating the self-care practice and the living aligned framework.

(Please let me know if you are interested.)

Coaching 1:1
Contact me for details.

“Linda always has a way about her that is very appealing to me. Light-hearted and playful (offering laughter, pointing out the small things that bring her joy) while at the same time, bringing up a sense that she is quite serious about her approach and is fully there for you.” ~ Mary

For a group of six or more, any workshop or course
can be custom designed and scheduled to suit your needs.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Register for my email list and you’ll hear when a new event is scheduled!
I’m slowly getting back to writing my BLOG too.

I have been offering ‘creative support through times of change’ to teams in organizations and through public workshops here in Rupert for the past 20 years. Over this past year, I have been learning about leading online group possibilities. Besides attending many learning events for myself, I experimented with various offerings of my own: from two-hour pop-up sessions to a weekly drop-in practice, followed by a six-week pilot program in October and November.

This particular program is appropriate for those who are new to my Living Aligned approach as well as those who have joined me on my earlier offerings. This is the next iteration, the learning curve now focused facilitating online and using this learning platform. I hope you will bear with me and the inevitable glitches that are bound to show up.


“I appreciated how low-maintenance the experience was. Linda held the group beautifully, gently encouraging participation, sharing her personal examples and stories to help illuminate ‘lessons’ and keep the energy flowing. I think Linda’s leadership helped create a real atmosphere of kindness and inclusion (or perhaps those were just the type of folks to show up). Linda is deeply sincere in her desire to support others in exploring and understanding themselves better. I felt respected, honoured, reassured/validated by Linda’s facilitation and the content she chose to share with us.” ~ Debbie

Past Programs

This series wrapped up on December 12 and 13, 2021.

Thanks to all who engaged in the process and offered feedback. I am tweaking the next iteration for early in January.

invitation to a course

We started on May 16 but you are welcome to come to any of these sessions. Send me an email to be on the list to get the zoom link.


I offer customized workshops and courses on a variety of topics related to personal, leadership and team development.
These can be scheduled at the convenience of you or your team. Contact me to learn more!



“I have known Linda for over 10 years. What she does is amazing! Spend 5 minutes with her, and your life will change.”

~ Federal government director and long-term client