Tuning In Event

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CONCLUDED: Tuning In To Your Body

relax ~ connect ~ create

an expressive arts experience with Jane Keeler and Linda Vanderlee

Saturday, February 20, 2020 | 7 – 8:30 PM on Zoom

A Pay What You Can event

We have just passed the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox,1/8 around the year.  In warmer climes it might be called mid winter. In our part of Ontario, we’re not sure…

But we are sure that we need to re-ground ourselves, whatever the forecast.

Jane and Linda would like to offer a guided experience of checking in and re-grounding with ourselves. Tuning In will begin with a body scan to help us relax into connection. Then we will each play with whatever medium or materials that call to us and that we have on hand. This may mean words, sound, movement, crayons, magazines, pencil and paper and use these to express what wants to be heard and seen. You follow your own impulse and intuition with your camera on or off as you like. This isn’t about making pretty art. It’s about using the materials, your body, sound…to get in touch with yourself, allowing the process to tell you the story. Letting the telling unfold of its own accord.

Depending on the size of our gathering, at some point we will likely break off into smaller groups to share as much or as little as we like. Either way we create community by connecting in with each other. We listen to ourselves and each other with an open, empathetic, non-judging heart.
You always have a choice as to how you participate and how much you share with others.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Linda at linda@lindavanderlee.com

Jane Keeler is an Ottawa based Counsellor with a love for all the arts from Playback Theatre to Permaculture.

Linda Vanderlee is a coach and facilitator where she weaves in her love of creative conversations and the expressive arts whenever possible. She lives in the rural area of Rupert, near Wakefield, QC.

Pay What You Can

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Please send your contributions via Interac eTransfer to linda@lindavanderlee.com



“I have known Linda for over 10 years. What she does is amazing! Spend 5 minutes with her, and your life will change.”

~ Federal government director and long-term client