With over 25 years of experience working with hundreds of client organizations and individuals, I am here to help you or your team

  • make smart, informed, shared decisions;
  • develop your vision, mission and strategic plan;
  • evaluate and make course corrections.

A sustained change in life rarely comes about with one intervention. With that in mind, I think of myself as a process consultant, where a mix of intervention approaches may be used. These might include facilitation, coaching, customized workshops or a celebration of some kind.

“Linda helps provide focus on results and improving relationships. She understands human nature in a way few people can. She has been a tremendous support in a number of different projects I’ve worked on with her.”
~ Éric Hébert-Daly, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Coaching – Supporting you as you identify and pursue your personal and professional goals. I help you tap into your own wisdom to enable you to see, feel, and behave differently in situations you find challenging. Coaching is also available for teams.

Group facilitation – Guided conversations about issues that are important to your group. Facilitated meetings or retreats often focus on issues such as teams forming or merging; organizational change, conflict and communication; or visioning, planning and decision-making. Facilitation goes beyond helping the group address the immediate challenge; it’s also about strengthening the capacity of the group to manage similar challenges in the future, without a facilitator.

Consulting – Working in partnership with you to assess what’s happening within your organization or team, then co-creating a process to get to where you would rather be. This might include customized training programs, peer support circles or a variety of other supports. Consulting may be particularly helpful for groups facing challenges related to group dynamics, learning styles, team building, change management, healthy conflict, leadership development or strategic visioning.

Training – An experiential approach to skill- and knowledge-building, for team development or personal development. Training sessions are tailored to the interests and needs of the person or group.

Retreats – Time out — a day, an overnight, a weekend — away from your everyday environment, to think, to plan, to focus, to get creative, to deepen connections, to learn, to play, to talk & listen, to rejuvenate. Come explore Rendezvous Rupert, my unique retreat centre in the Gatineau Hills, available for customized retreats for you or your team.

The appropriate support can make all the difference!

Contact me to set up a free consultation.

“Linda has the ability to determine the perfect question at a given moment and has the courage to ask it. She is professional and personable all at once. She provides you a warm and supportive environment to ensure you can be comfortable with the self-exploration you need to move forward in your career and life.”
~ Michelle Reimer, federal government manager




“I have known Linda for over 10 years. What she does is amazing! Spend 5 minutes with her, and your life will change.”

~ Federal government director and long-term client