CDEPNov 08 (2)Facilitation is often solicited when a group has a problem to solve or difficult dynamics to work with.

A facilitator helps the group clarify their objectives, design their process, and pay attention to the group dynamics occurring in the moment.

Having a facilitator can help make sure that the purpose is clear, the process appropriate, that dialogue is encouraged, airtime is shared, decisions clear, and time frames respected.

An external facilitator ensures that all parties are able to fully engage in the content of the meeting.

“Linda is a fantastic facilitator, able to engage a diverse group in meaningful conversation, goal setting and creative visioning in an inclusive and enjoyable way.”
~ Fiona Marshall, LASI

“We want to thank you sincerely for a creative, supportive, and action oriented strategic planning retreat. You left us with a map for moving forward and ideas for growth to ensure our future sustainability.”
– Members of non-profit organization board of directors

Shadow facilitation

If your team could use some support, but may not have the budget to hire someone to facilitate a full retreat or series of team building sessions, you might consider an alternative approach that I call “shadow facilitation.”

Here’s how shadow facilitation works: I guide the manager or director and a small planning team in the design and flow of their retreat or meeting in a way that aligns with their objectives and internal skills and styles. I coach them in facilitation methods, and then they facilitate the day. (Or, in the case of a series of team-building sessions, I might facilitate the first session, then the team takes over facilitation of the remaining sessions.)

I have a wide range of process ideas, activities and tools to share, and can be on call if the client needs any help during the retreat. This both saves money and builds internal capacity.

“Understanding the depth of change we were aiming for despite our limited budget, Linda proposed creative ways of using her time to help us achieve our goals… The results we achieved were very satisfying to the team and have made a lasting positive change.”
~ Federal government executive

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“If it were not for Linda’s visioning workshops, I would still be wishing I knew how to live the life I am living now.” ~ Marta Singh

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