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Here's how I got quiet and listened to the many parts within me that had a perspective on this decision. Feeling what I felt, listening to each parts perspective and identifying the needs represented helped me to make a choice that felt most aligned for me.

pilot: cultivating a self-care habit

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As many of you know mental health support, my own and yours, has been an interest of mine for many years. This past year has really upped the anti though. It feels like a parallel pandemic…and not so hidden this time. Which in some ways is good…I want to see us talking about mental health openly, see us asking for help as we would if another part of our body was hurting. On the other hand, accessible support systems are thin.

I am not a therapist but I believe in the power of learning, self awareness and community. Over the past year I joined a lot of learning opportunities, I offered online workshops and the Sunday Connect series and then I interviewed a bunch of smart, capable and caring people about how they were doing emotionally – their sense of what helps and what doesn’t. Almost everyone mentioned that they were perplexed at their personal resistance to maintaining a practice of self-care – especially the ones they actually enjoyed and have experienced as helpful. That includes me. What’s going on?!

I’d like to share ideas and explore further, with you, what I’ve been learning. To that end, my hope for this pilot project is that it will be an opportunity for you to learn about yourself, to feel supported and part of a community and to start the ball rolling on a sustainable self-care practice for yourself. I also hope that you will help me develop future iterations by letting me know what resonated and which aspects helped you and what might need tweaking.

So…if this calls to you, I’d love it if you would join me on this pilot project adventure!

Cultivating a Self-care Habit

This weekly series will help you connect with yourself, your emotional landscape and your perfectly-imperfect-humanness in a gentle, curious and sometimes surprising way. Our sessions will include guided meditations, Expressive Arts exercises (imagery, word, sound, movement, texture) and mini teach pieces around change and transition as well as an introduction to my Living Aligned model. We will follow a structure (with flexibility), utilize an integrated body-mind lens and play with creative ways for you to discover what works best for you.

Our group meetings will be conducted online via Zoom where you can choose to keep your cameras on or off as you feel comfortable (or your internet allows). The 1:1 coaching invitations will be by telephone or Zoom.

o Six weekly 1.5 hours sessions on Zoom

o 1.5 hours of 1:1 coaching

o Small group discussions

o Support resources: PDF handouts, audio/video recordings, links to other resources

o Community of women exploring alongside of you

o Maximum of 8 people in each course

You have two options, both start the first week of October:

Sunday, Oct 3 – Nov 7 from 9:30 – 11 AM (EST)
Monday, Oct 4 – Nov 8 from 11:30 – 1 PM (EST)


Please choose according to your means: $180 or $240 CDN (taxes included)

Payment can be made via e-transfer to

To REGISTER, please contact me via my contact page, or send me a direct email, indicating which session you are interested in.
First come, first served. Space is limited to eight people in each group. (We are half-full as of Monday, Sept 27th.)

I am so looking forward to diving in, connecting and learning with you!


PS I believe I am close to finding my new Assistant, so I hope you will bare with me and my lack of skills here on this site!