Learning, growth and change

"Responding to Change" article in Healthwise Ottawa, Fall 2010Responding to Change: How to Live with (and Survive!) Uncertainty (Linda Vanderlee, Healthwise Ottawa, Fall 2010)

Responding to Change (Linda Vanderlee, Tone Magazine, November 2012)

Transitions, Leadership and Learning (excerpt from my e-newsletter)

Myers Briggs (MBTI) preferences chart
A tool for identifying your personality preferences

Kolb’s Learning Cycle
A look at Kolb’s adult learning cycle and preferred learning styles


Non Violent Communication (NVC) Overview
Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a model for communicating in a way that is cooperative, conscious and compassionate. Here are two helpful tools for practicing NVC:
Feelings inventory
Needs inventory

Organizational development

Appreciative Inquiry Intro
This excerpt from Sue Annis Hammond outlines the assumptions of appreciative inquiry—which she describes as “a way of thinking, seeing and acting for powerful, purposeful change in organizations,” and how it differs from the standard problem-solving approach.

Once Upon a Conflict: The Journey from Confrontation to Collaboration (Gary Harper,
How to shift perspectives away from the drama triangle of victim-villain-hero and into collaborative problem solving.


We Need to Laugh More (Enda Junkins, 1999)
“Anyone can join the laughter movement. All it takes is a willingness to risk some loss of control.”

Burnout: The Disease of our Civilization (Ariana Huffington, Huffington Post, 2013
How some people and companies are redefining approaches towards work and productivity to prevent burnout.

Creativity and the arts

Art and Well-Being: The Healing Connection (Healthwise Ottawa, Summer 2015)Art and Well-Being: The Healing Connection (Linda Vanderlee, Healthwise Ottawa, 2015)

Music and Well-Being: A Magical Connection (Linda Vanderlee, Healthwise Ottawa, 2016)

On Creativity: The Gift of the Amateur (Shelley Berc, Prologue Magazine)

Best art therapy blogs to keep you emotionally healthy (, 2015)

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