About Living Aligned

Living Aligned is based on a blend of philosophies and research studies that explore change, brain plasticity, the mind-body connection and the use of creativity to unlock new possibilities.

It is a guide to discovering ways to live more aligned with who you are and what you want out of life.

Working through the Living Aligned framework can help you:

🌻 Become clear about what matters most to you — your values, priorities and passions

🌻 Envision how you want to lead your life

🌻 Identify and create the kind of support you need

🌻 Explore ways to navigate challenges and celebrate achievements as you move forward

About Linda Vanderlee

Linda Vanderlee, M.A. is a change facilitator who coaches individuals and teams who want to make a difference.

Her inviting, creative, non-judgmental approach helps each person and group tap into what matters most. She believes in the power of creative self- expression - for connection, fun and health.

A Masters in Human Systems Intervention, Certification as a Coach (2005) and as an Expressive Arts Practitioner (2013) has strengthened her belief in the role of creativity in this work.

Linda renovated her century + old barn (near Wakefield, Quebec) into a welcoming workshop/meeting space and home. The silver lining of the pandemic has allowed Linda to reach people worldwide through her virtual programs.

A favourite form of self-expression for Linda is that of songwriting and performing.

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